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Time flies, 2009 will soon approached the history. The past year, the ceramics industry experienced a roller-coaster test. In the first half of the economic cycle from a trough, and soon climbed to a record high of prosperity. This not only far beyond peoples expectations, but also for the future development of laying a new hint.

Over the past year, Chinas economy, nearly stood out in cold weather, becoming a new world economic leader. Chinas rapid economic rebound on the one hand thanks to the huge 4 trillion economic stimulus plan, but also from the vast county and township areas a huge space for development. County market has become the biggest market in the future of Chinas manufacturing hinterland that was last years failure of export-oriented economy, the domestic market to start the most important guarantee. In this sense, in 2009 Chinas economy V-shaped rebound, the peasants is the largest contributor.

Ceramics within the needed market-based, over the past year, which should be the central rhythm of stimulating domestic demand, ceramic all the way business is also higher in the second half. When the market to see the blue ocean, a number of major companies have begun to firmly readjust the strategy, product and brand to the market three or four lines sink. But in the past years experience also shows that high-end positioning in the mainstream of how business gets done 34 bosses line market, entrepreneurs need to further dissection ideas. After all, the different market levels, business models are also different. 34 lines to do a good job market, the mainstream companies may be prepared to re-organization and processes, etc..

But those in the past have been small flat area in the county of SMEs is not all of them have warm spring breezes. As the 34-line market has become the focus, coupled with the layout of its production capacity in recent years become increasingly dispersed and balanced, inland areas, such as ceramic enterprises mushroomed in the past pattern of relatively closed regional market gradually be broken. The producing enterprises in the regional market area radius of overlap with each other eroded drastically, while for some enterprises, in the past Sung exclusive corner of the U.S. market has gone bad.

Over the past year, investment in transport infrastructure construction is an important part of stimulating the economy. As the highway network, rail network becomes increasingly close, especially with the passenger line - the advent of high-speed railway construction peak, the railway passenger and freight separated into a major trend in this country will be greatly enhanced cargo capacity. Inland areas in this regard means that the product will go further in emerging-producing areas, production areas with greater development potential, on the other hand, the advanced producing areas of the coastal mainstream enterprises, a huge county line market, coupled with growing fast, convenient expansion of the market trade is also a historic opportunity.

34-line market, the fact that flourishing industry is attracting more investors. The new investment is mainly concentrated in the emerging gaps in producing areas and industrial areas, mainly within the naturally-based, but there is no lack of energy, logistics, and other investors in the field of building materials. The second half of the rapid economic recovery and ceramics markets exacerbated the industrys investment hot heat, the problem of excess production capacity was again mentioned this, but the ceramic is not a cement, plate glass, not a strategic industry of the country concerned, therefore, to resolve duplicate construction mainly rely on market mechanisms.

However, after 2010 the situation changed somewhat. Has just concluded in Copenhagen, the World Climate Conference on the hubbub Although there is no end in exchange for a contract that all parties satisfied with the legally binding emissions reduction agreement. But rational people in the general direction of resolving the issue of climate disasters, or not on the vague, "reduction" is a historic agreement has been granted political connotations, becoming the worlds basic national policy of one of the country and bringing peace.

2009 end of the year in Copenhagen has become the era of mankind enters the low-carbon economy an important turning point. Next year will further accelerate the construction of the country characterized by a low-carbon industry, construction and transportation systems; will also improve the relevant policies and regulations and standards, including the introduction of the promotion of recycling economic development and comprehensive utilization of resources of the relevant policies and preparation of the national development of circular economy overall planning, the establishment of the evaluation reflects the development of circular economy indicators and statistical systems. Next year, the central government will also start the "resource tax", "environmental taxes", "green credit", "green procurement" and other means of control, compression, "two high and one low" total capacity of the industry.

There is no doubt that a low-carbon economy after 2010, the ceramic industrys design and a higher threshold. And the future of the industry into the threshold will also soared and development. For the ceramics people, the future may be only two choices: either continue to leap to new heights, or else simply to flee the arena.

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