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Enterprises face of "danger" and "opportunities"   [  2011/3/2  ] Back

Ceramic industry developed rapidly in recent years, many excellent brand presence, local ceramics booming increasingly intensified competition in the market, coupled with turbulence in international markets,s crowded.

Ceramic industry practitioners present the majority of low quality, as most of these officers came from other building materials industry in transition, have not received professional training, and therefore led directly to the relative instability of ceramic practitioners, especially ceramics sales channels expansion of staff. "Lack of talent, especially the lack of marketing talent," This is the voice of a lot of ceramic enterprises. Ceramic to bring in a lot of home appliances sales personnel, marketing mode in order to operate appliances ceramics, even household appliances industry, the success of the planning case of plagiarism to the ceramic industry, while not ideal, household appliances industry, the history and development of ceramic industry have the same path of development The Service to America, and Glanz, Vantage and other household electrical appliance enterprises represented by the path of development should learn from Chinas ceramic industry.

It is understood that the present ceramic industry leading brands are also trying to make itself to respond to the current overall situation, each focusing on. Or gradually recover part of the channel business, or build other brands, product lines to expand the brand will be the connotation of the brand to be extended and expanded services, or focused on the maintenance and management of channels, or store the image display terminal aspects of deep excavations.

Ceramics enterprise sector as the follow-up market, real estate, real estate trends and direction of the building materials industry has become a weathervane. Through the government a series of "property market expansion" the implementation of policies and interventions, as well as up to consumers to buy or not to buy the consumer psychology, real estate in 2009 showed a relative warming of the state of affairs, is expected to be stabilized in 2009 the property market stabilization. Therefore, as the ceramics industry, and now both "danger" and also "opportunities."

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